why tech companies fail in china

No u.s. web company has really cracked China it’s time they stopped trying Google Facebook Amazon Microsoft eBay all have either been shut out of China or a barely treading water.

Uber :

The latest loser is uber which sold its Chinese operations after it lost billions of dollars in the country.

Apple :

Apple has done well but has struggled there recently so why can’t American internet companies succeed in China three reasons one China’s web Titans are unimaginably big and broad making it tough for foreigners to compete.

Giant eCommerce :

with them, Alibaba’s eCommerce websites handle more online sales and Amazon and eBay combined and Baidu has a bigger share of web searches in China than Google does in u.s.

China Law :

To China’s laws and government interventions favor local companies, for example, Facebook and Twitter are banned in China and Google pulled out a few years ago because it was the target of massive cyber attacks and it didn’t want to comply with censorship rules.

Chinese Technology :

And three Chinese technology has become really good local companies make smartphones as good as iPhones but with features tailored to Chinese tastes.

like guessing your age from selfies and Chinese tech ideas are being copied elsewhere like Facebook turning its chat app messenger into a version of WeChat the might of Chinese internet superpowers their tech prowess.

Online Economy :

And government help has hardened China into an online economy where locals rule China seems too big to ignore but it’s also too hard to crack for America’s web powers

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