Turkish military launches operation into northeast Syria: Erdogan

Our top story this morning Turkey has launched a ground offensive in northeastern Syria just hours after deploying warplanes and artillery to territories held by Kurdish forces the international community has slammed the Turkish aggression including other countries in the region.

The UN, as well as a number of European nations as well for more on this we’re going to turn straight over to our Kim Deniz odami Turkey, has been telegraphing this offensive for days now but we can now say for sure that it’s underway remarked Turkish officials confirmed that the troops have now entered the area east of the Euphrates based on a video footage of civilians fled border towns filled with smoke and visible jet trails in the sky at least 15 people including eight civilians have been killed so far according to the london-based.

Syrian Observatory for Human Rights Turkish President Recep Tyler Doran says the operation is to create a safe zone with our Kurdish forces which will also shelter Syrian refugees the Kurdish last year and democratic forces earlier about to resist any Turkish advance president Trump on Wednesday called the Turkish offensive a bad idea.

After essentially giving the invasion the green lights following his abrupted decision to pour US forces out of that part of Syria that this agenda sparked a storm of criticism at home and abroad while the UN Security Council will meet on Thursday to address Turkey as a military operation European Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker pressed Turkey to halt its military actions the international community including France Germany and the UK also called turkeys operation an act of Jerez are jeopardizing and security and humanitarian efforts back to you mark.

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