The New Amazon Alexa Smart Glasses

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Stay connected without any effort, with Alexa’s new echo glasses. designed to wear them all day, because they are very light, and provide you with hands-free flexibility without having your cell phone in your hands to send messages from your cell phone and be able to listen to all your notifications in a more versatile way, without having to touch your mobile phone.

  • Meet Echo Frames – All-day glasses with hands-free access to Alexa.
  • Just ask Alexa – Make calls, set reminders, add to your to-do lists, listen to podcasts, or control your smart home from anywhere.
  • Designed for all-day wear – Echo Frames are lightweight and compatible with most prescription lenses.
  • VIP Filter – Customize which notifications to receive from the contacts and apps that matter most to you.
  • Thoughtful design – Amazon open-ear technology directs sound to your ears and minimizes what others can hear. And with no camera or display, you stay in the moment.
Get it from Amazon

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