The $1495 Workout Mirror: What to Know Before Buying it.

Today we are taking a look at Mirror. Even if you don’t follow fitness, you’ve probably come across this high design, high-tech piece of equipment in your social media feeds, or on ads seemingly everywhere.

But what exactly is it?

 The mirror is a smart mirror that streams both on-demand and live fitness classes from a companion app so you can workout at home. That might not sound so novel, but Mirror puts its instructor front and center, along with your own reflection.

Kind of like taking a private class every time. Workouts include cardio, yoga, bar, boxing, Pilates, strength and stretching in levels one beginner, to four advanced.

There are more than 70 live classes a week and a hefty collection of on-demand options.

Why is it so popular?

If there’s one thing the fitness world loves it’s a trend, and Mirror is one of several brands, hello Peloton, that has capitalized on two.

The increasing popularity of connected fitness and the rise of boutique fitness studios. Mirror already has a competitor, in fact, called the Echelon Reflect, which we’re also testing.

Connected fitness refers to streamed on-demand workouts done at home that allow for everything a brick and mortar studio offers.

Like the ability to follow a favorite instructor or a live group workout that fosters a community feel, minus all travel and scheduling constraints. And boutique fitness studios are giving traditional gyms a run for their money.

Boutique studios like Orangetheory, Barry’s Bootcamp, and barre3 took 40% of the fitness industry market share in 2017. And from 2013 to 2017, the number of people holding memberships to boutique studios rose by 121%.

So, what is it exactly like to use Mirror?

The Mirror app is your home base where you can browse workout types and choose a class.

 You’ll see what equipment you’ll need, what exercises you’ll do, what order you’ll do them in, and for how long. You can also read instructor bios so you know exactly who you’re dealing with.

During a workout, your instructor is right there with your own reflection, which can take a beat or two to get used to.

Mirror has its own music stations and also supports Spotify Premium. You can adjust the volume of the music and the volume of the instructor independently depending on who you want to hear more from.

And as you work out the screen displays a countdown clock, calories burned, and if the Bluetooth heart rate monitor is connected, real-time heart rate data.

It also shows the names of other people taking the class, whether the workout is live or on-demand.

Instructors have access to your profile, heart rate data, and class milestones, and they give shout outs, so if you’re in a live class you might get one.

At the end of it all, you get the chance to take a congratulatory selfie. (camera snaps) One-on-one personal training via a camera at the top of the Mirror, will debut later this year.

A lens cap is provided so you can close off that window into your world at will. The mirror is attractive, it operates seamlessly, has solid programming, and is pretty fun to use.

It’s not however cheap, you’ll pay $1495 for the Mirror, which includes resistance bands, a heart rate monitor, and a screen cleaning kit.

$250 for setup and delivery, and $39 a month for the subscription.

That comes to $2213. (cash register chimes) So you’re looking at nearly $200 a month for the first year, compare that to roughly $52, which is the national average cost of a monthly gym membership, and it’s an investment.

But as we all know, sometimes you can’t or don’t want to leave home to work out, and group classes or one-on-one training can be incredibly motivating.

So, we can see why owning a Mirror or some other piece of connected fitness equipment, may be worthwhile. But whether it makes sense for you depends on your particular situation and goals.

 We’re just getting started here, so stay tuned for sadat global full review of Mirror, coming soon.

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