how a shirt should fit- Guide

How a Dress Shirt Should Fit A Visual Guide Fit is one of the most important characteristics of a great looking dress shirt. A bad fit can make a $200 dress shirt looked sloppy.

Great Fit :

A great fit can make a $20 dress shirt looked amazing. Fit is key. In today’s video, we’re going to discuss how a dress shirt should fit. To start let’s talk about the dress shirt collar. A collar job is to frame your face.

If it can’t accomplish this your whole outfit is going to look unbalanced. If the collar is too small, you’ll know it. It will pinch your skin and feel uncomfortable. If a shirt collar is too large it will leave a noticeable gap enough to fit about four fingers in. A proper size collar will let two fingers fit comfortably in between your neck and your collar.

Right width :

Next, let’s go over the width of the dress shirt shoulders. If the shoulder joint is a hike up your shoulder towards your neck, it’s too small. Don’t even think of buying it.

Shoulder Point :

If the shoulder points are down your arm then the shoulders are too large. It’s not worth tailoring so pass on this shirt. Perfect fitting shirt shoulder will lie comfortably on the shoulder and the shoulder points hit where the arm meets the shoulder thus ensuring freedom of movement. Now let’s talk about the shirt’s midsection fit.

Chest and Torso :

If the chest or torso of your dress shirt is too tight, you’ll notice. The buttons will pull. Try a size larger. If a dress shirt midsection is too loose, the fabric is going to bellow around your waist or your chest.

Although you can tailor to adjust, you want to maybe try sizing down or try another brand to try to get the best fit possible. A perfect torso and chest fit will taper down the midsection following your natural silhouette. Very few shirts do this right off the rack.

I advise working with a tailor to get your shirts adjusted to fit perfectly. Next stop let’s cover the sleeve width. If you find the sleeves are constricting your movement they’re too tight.

Go for a regular or a looser cut. If the shirt sleeves are sagging around your arms with more than three inches of fabric then they’re too loose and they need to either be brought in or size it down.

The proper sleeve width will fit close enough to your arm to not restrict movement and have still about 1-2 inches of fabric.

The fit of the Shirt Cuff :

Now let’s go over the fit of the shirt cuff. If the shirt cuff fits tightly around your wrist, it’s too small. Consider moving the button or looking for a larger size.

If you can easily fit your hand through the cuff when buttoned, you’ll need to size down or move the cuff button to tighten it.

Proper size :

The proper size shirt cuff will fit close while not allowing you to remove your hand without unbuttoning them.

If you normally wear a watch, size the cuff in accordance with the watch. Now it’s time to talk about the sleeve length. If the sleeve ends above the wrist bone it’s too short.

You’re going to need to find a different brand that has long sleeves. If the dress shirt sleeves cover the heel of your hand, they’re too long.

You will need to get them to shorten. The proper dress shirt sleeve length will just cover the wrist bone. Now let’s go over the length of the shirttail.

Beltline :

If the shirt barely covers your beltline, it’s too short. You’re going to need to find a different brand or size up on that shirt. If the dress shirt extends beyond your crotch, it’s too long. Although not a serious problem, a tailor can shorten this shirt.

Proper dress shirt length will end a few inches below the belt allowing the shirt to stay tucked in when you raise your arms. Notice that no shirt off the rack is probably going to fit you perfectly. Take it to a tailor.

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