Everything You Need to Know About Javapresse Manual Coffee Grinder.


BUILT-IN ADJUSTABLE GRIND SELECTOR – with over 18 click settings ensures you have 100% precision & control over the coarseness of your coffee beans making for the perfect grind to start your day.

CONVENIENT & EASY TO USE: Our removable hand crank mechanism consistently eliminates over 90% of the noise that electric grinders produce.

No batteries, power, or long plastic cords needed to operate your portable compact manual grinder.

PATENTED CERAMIC COMBO BURRS – Our signature burr grinder blades are designed and tested through three professional grade inspections to last 5x’s longer than stainless steel blades.

COFFEE IS IN OUR DNA – Each JavaPresse product is designed to liberate and empower you to transform your favorite whole bean coffee ritual into an extraordinary daily experience.

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