Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About Apple Leaker on Reddit.

all right guys I am so excited for this video that I’m doing this completely unscripted I just have my phone right here and I have read it open because

there’s something massive that just happened I’m gonna tell you in just a second as you guys know next week on Tuesday apple is hosting their September event and a

a lot of the people on youtube are saying that the iPhone 12 is not getting announced next week but this guy says that it actually might happen his name is?????

apple cedar

apple cedar on Reddit it’s apple cedar 2020 and he is saying that he is the main source for all the apple glass and folding iPhone leaks this year and

he says that the next event on Tuesday is going to have a huge focus on ar and some massive announcements inbound so let’s get right into this video but,

first, be sure and check out our designed mask at Amazon. perhaps the biggest thing that apple cedar revealed on this Reddit post is that this year there are,

a lot of conflicting leaks and rumors and that’s because he says that Apple actually has a dedicated team that puts out conflicting leaks and rumors on purpose so that’s,

John Prosser

why john Prosser was wrong because apple is actually putting those fake leaks out there so without further ado let’s get right into this so apple cedar is saying that

he would provide any kind of proof required by the mods to keep this post on here and according to one of the mods he says that the original poster

submitted some proof including some convos to various reporters so they are saying that he could actually be legit and based on what he’s saying here it’s incredible one person

asked if we’re getting 120 hertz to see on the iphone he says yes only on the 12 pro max and apparently right here he’s saying it’s because on the

12 pro the battery life would go below iphone 10 standard so they chose only to put it on the max model as far as the shipping date for the

iPhone 12 pro max he is saying the end of October here’s another interesting thing about the first apple silicon mac to be released .

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