Brand vs. Branding: Why ‘Away’ is More Than a Luggage Company

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Away has achieved cult-like status for its meticulously designed luggage. The bags have become part of a lifestyle, a must-have feature of the jet-set uniform. Even more than airport cred, Away has become an Instagram darling with travelers organically sharing their Away bags in artfully styled photos from their trips.

“Being direct-to-consumer is a huge competitive advantage. Every time someone buys something from us, they interact with someone at our company in some way,” Away CEO and Co-founder Steph Korey told Forbes. These customer interactions feed into rave reviews and a level of brand loyalty that brings shoppers back to buy the complete luggage set and eagerly await new color drops.

Founded in 2015, Away has already achieved unicorn status with a valuation of $1.4 billion. As TechCrunch explains, “Away‘s new lofty valuation proves how far you can get with excellent branding.”

How did Away go from zero to unicorn in under three years?

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