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AICOK Slow Masticating Juicer Review David Kevin Look what I just found today it Is a new juicer and I’m very excited about it. It is a slow juicer Very similar in style to the Omega and the champion. The champion starts at 265 the omegas they start at 240 But it’s very similar in style.

It’s a slow juicer. It is not of some difficulty sore So these are the best juicers in my opinion because I’ve tried a lot of different juicers But the slow juicers are the way to go. I’m going to go ahead and open it up. We’ll take a look at it I’ll do a demo of its review, but see how well it’s working right now Here are all the pieces that go with the juicer.

If you have not used this kind of juicer, it seems like a lot After a couple of uses it’s when we come very fast and automatic for you to put this together It’s very similar to my Omega.

So I’m going to put it together right now start with this piece here Clicks into place next piece this is the part that breaks the juice up into two little pieces That’s ready next is the filter so that keeps the pulp and getting into the juice push that back to us all the way and then next you’ve got the end cap holds everything in place.

Next is the top this is where you put the veggies end down into to the chute and This is the pusher you put it in and then you push down And it pushes it down into here where it comes out down here.

Now You’ve got two jugs here This is where the juice comes out, See that little spout down there. That’s where the juice comes out here And this is for the pulp which comes here without the pulp Line it upright with a flat area. The pulp comes here.

The juice comes out of there This is the on/off button now it also has here You have on is up here that’s off and then down here to first Only time you really need to use this reverse button Juicing something and there seems to be like, it’s jamming or it’s not really Going through you just hit that reverse button Right there and in it very quickly.

Then we’ll fix that So sometimes if something’s kind of jamming up it takes this thing and then reverses it and the other direction Couple of things else I want to point out this is a much easier juicer to clean than some terrifical juicer the Parts all come apart very easily You could clean it Fast and easy it’s fast and easy to clean take apart put together definitely the second thing is With this kind of juicer the quality of your juice is far superior because it is slower It does not run at a high speed.

The juice does not oxidize as much the juice quality will be better because If it does not oxidize as much means that’ll have more nutrients in it. So better quality juice from this juicer and You have less Waste of the vegetables because the juicer breaks down the vegetables better The Popes go to be drier.

You can have more juice from this juicer than what’s so difficult that I can definitely tell you is true with this kind of juicer much better and This also does really really good with leafy greens These centrifugal juicers do not do that.

Great with leafy greens and those are the ones you really want to be juicing when you’re doing a green juice the leafy greens or What you want to go for and this is far superior to do leafy green vegetables so now We’ll get out some veggies and I want to make a green juice So let’s go ahead and see how well this works This is the first time I’m using it.

I’m excited. I Got it. Clean got my veggies ready. I’m going to turn it on And as you see that’s the cutter that’s Moving in a circle means that set ready to go drop easy stuff in here It comes off the pulp here juice there cucumber Do you wear this juice my producers going to be great maybe bringing Now celery stick Whenever it comes.

I could keep going down just take and push it to take much All that’s doing Juicing is complete,Let’s take a look and see how well it did Overall it handled every vegetable that I put in it handled just as well as the Omega Let’s take a look at the pulp is Extremely dry Especially when it comes to these greens the leafy greens, that’s the most important part very very dry See how much pulp came out That’s great. Now let’s take a look at the juice I am excited.

There we go. Get a good Look at the juice And pour some right now Looks delicious Oh, yeah, oh wow, that tastes so good When you make your juice ideally, of course, Drink it right away if you can’t put it in the refrigerator and an airtight container It all depends on Onion much time you have now for a take apart and clean up Very fast and simple.

I Always have my little balls, and I have my veggies and ready to put in the Cleanup stuff so you take that off Pull out the filter Now you can just pull this whole piece off all together saves time You take this little see this little there’s a little button here right here. You click that turn Put it into a little thing and then take it to the sink and then you take it all apart And then everything rinses right off the only thing that requires any kind of little scrubbing is this guy.

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